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Coaching follows an agreed pathway to achieve the clients’ goals. Effective coaching is a safe, confidential collaboration between the coach and client. The coach will listen, encourage, ask questions, provide feedback, be honest, direct and sometimes challenging.

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Great facilitators turn otherwise ordinary professional development sessions into rewarding and insightful growth and development opportunities,

where participants are able to push their comfort zone, set goals and take courageous actions.

Positive Impact has a team of experienced facilitators who create purposeful, warm and psychologically safe learning environments.

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Positive Psychology

Curious to learn more about Positive Psychology or the work we do to empower women. 

“This program is the single best thing I have ever done for my development as a leader. It has changed my mindset in many ways; expanded my networks; and given me the courage to think about next steps in my career. The facilitators are knowledgeable, authentic and their years of experience working to help and support women leaders is clearly evident.”
– Senior Manager, Banking