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Angelina Eynon

Positive Impact

Having a Positive Impact is at the heart of everything we do. Whether it be through one-on-one coaching to help you be and become the leader, manager, business owner, parent, partner or simply overall human you want to be, or via our workshops, programs or speaking events to share and deepen team or organisation learning, growth and development.

I’m Angelina Eynon, Director of Positive Impact and one of Australia’s most experienced practitioners in applying positive psychology and strengths-based approaches in workplaces. A former management consultant, I have worked in corporates, professional service firms, SMEs, government and not for profit organisations. I have applied, studied and taught positive psychology over the last two decades. I have been a part of its evolution from  focusing on individual happiness, to becoming a more scientifically rigorous field of study focused on the wellbeing of individuals, communities, organisations, and, even societies and nations.

Core Focus


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Positive Psychology

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“Angelina’s skill and passion for working with women means the environment she creates is friendly, warm and filled with mountains of knowledge. This made me more ready and eager to get on with the challenge of being a better leader, a happier soul and a more effective woman in all aspects of my life.”
– Project Manager, Energy